Tips To Travel Better

Tips To Travel Better

Secrets to surrender to Morfea’s arms while you are thousands of feet high from the earth!

Air travel is definitely a unique experience for every traveler since it offers fast transfer to the destination, but also a view from thousands of feet high.

But what happens when it comes to long journeys that make it very sensible at some point to feel fatigue?

Surrender to Morfea’s embrace, sleep easily and comfortably during your flight and enjoy your journey, following the following six precious secrets:

Wear light, comfortable clothing and soft shoes that will make you feel comfortable while sitting on the plane.
Prefer the position next to the window and the side that you like to touch your head on your bed pillow.

  • Keep your feet high and not crucified and avoid luggage underneath.
  • Do not consume large amounts of food during the flight.
  • Take advantage of the beneficial, relaxing properties of lavender essential oil that acts through the senses in the brain. For example, you can drop a few drops of it on the little travel pillow or the wrists, behind the ears and under your nose.
  • Wear a quality and cover-up sleep mask that helps to relieve your eyes from the disturbances that come from the surrounding light.