Jet Lag: Useful Tips to Prevent Its Consequences

Jet Lag: Useful Tips to Prevent Its Consequences

From India to New York and from the Maldives to Madagascar, there are places on the planet earth, the beauty of which one finds it difficult to describe in simple words. Places that every traveler dreams to visit to admire their grandeur.

However, to reach these distant destinations, it needs to travel a lot of hours on the plane and cross different areas, resulting in the well-known “jet lag”.

What exactly is it about?

“Jet lag” is the disorder and deregulation that occurs in the human biological clock because the body can not assimilate the change from day to night so quickly and overturning during such a journey.


The most common symptoms that result from the above phenomenon are weakness, headache, gastrointestinal disturbances, lack of attention or insomnia, with the problem becoming more pronounced when the journey is made to the east.

If you are planning such a long trip, we recommend that you use the following helpful tips to help prevent the unpleasant side effects of jet lag and enjoy your vacation.

• Do not forget to drink plenty of water daily.
• Synchronize your clock with the time of your travel so that all your activities, such as your meal, adjust to the new time before you get there.
• If you get to your destination and feel tired, do not fall asleep unless it’s night.
• Try to stay exposed to sunlight either during the flight or when you reach your destination.
• Do not consume too much salt or sugar during your journey.

We wish you a good trip!