Alternative Tourism

Alternative Tourism


iving in the frozen waters of a river, adventures in the mountains and forests or endless hours under the hot sun on the sandy beaches? However you want to spend your free time during your vacation, Congress Line Exclusive Travel & Tourism Services offers alternative standards with great rejuvenating value for you, your family, friends and colleagues. Get away from your everyday life knowing Greece through a new travel philosophy that educates you through special interests and at the same time has positive social, cultural and environmental impacts.

Spa Tourism
Visit places offering services, natural springs and fountains improving health and wellbeing.

Culinary Tourism
Taste the local and traditional cuisine of Greece through flavors made from local raw materials, protected designation of origin or geographical indications.

Wine Tourism
Get to know the wine path by experiential visits to vineyards, wineries and wine-tasting in different parts of Greece where the wine-grape tradition flourishes.

Conference Tourism
Combine your work with your free time in the most ideal and hospitable environment, Greece, through Convention Tourism, contributing to the national economy and international prestige, while creating jobs. Furthermore, our country is a top preference for organizing conferences thanks to a number of positive factors, such as mild climate, rich history, geographical location and culture.

Speleological Tourism / Visit to castles
Discover the archaeological richness and the ancient Greek civilization, admire the natural decoration of the caves across the country in areas such as Kilkis, Edessa, Sami (Kefalonia), Crete, visit fabulous castles, walk the streets of adventure by participating in activities such as canoeing and kayaking, hiking and cycling.

Religious Tourism
An important part of alternative tourism in our country is also Religious Tourism, through the organization of which we take you to religious places of worship, such as monasteries and churches (Patmos, Tinos, and many others), so that you can get in touch with the spirituality of Orthodoxy.

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