Audiovisual Equipment

Audiovisual Equipment


t Congress Line Exclusive Travel & Tourism Services we continuously renew and enrich our audiovisual equipment which in the hands of our experienced and skilled associates will cover even the toughest applications based on any of your requirements.

We thoroughly review and study the potential of each space so that the installation of the technical equipment means its excellent operation during the Convention or Event that we have organized for you.

Indicatively, our company has:

  • High definition camcorders
  • High resolution cameras
  • Audio equipment for concerts (speakers, consoles, etc.)
  • Musical instruments and professional microphones
  • Audio equipment for Parties and Happenings
  • Full translation systems with special cabins and wireless receivers
  • Wireless and wired microphone systems
  • High brightness projectors
  • TV lighting equipment
  • Intercom systems
  • Equipment for live satellite broadcasting
  • Equipment for setting up scenery with metallic trunks and wooden panels
  • TFT and Plasma monitors of all sizes
  • Daylight screens for viewing in bright daylight
  • Closed circuit television systems
  • Laptops, PCs, printers, FACs and photocopiers

We are prepared to propose solutions in case of problems and make changes that will play a decisive role in the successful holding of your Convention or Event.

Our goal is to achieve the best possible quality, combining the most competitive market prices, thus ensuring the full satisfaction of our customer.

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