Conference Planning

Conference Planning


Congress Line has been successful in organizing and conducting conventions, conferences, exhibitions, seminars, events and happenings by developing a permanent network of experienced and reliable partnes in Greece and abroad. The professionalism, the consistency and the efficiency it has demonstrated during the years of its operation contributed to its recognition as a support arm for the organization of conferences and events by successfully organizing more than 200 conferences – Meetings, Events and Corporate Presentations to date.

Our company undertakes any kind of event, regardless of the number of participants and provides complete services for the success of your event. We take care of you and your business, and thanks to the specialized experience of our executives, we offer you top quality services. We undertake the work from the very first stage of the conevntion you have envisioned so that this is unique and create the best impression.



Since 2000, Congress Line Exclusive Travel & Tourism Services has been organizing and conducting conferences with consistency, efficiency and complete success.


We provide secretarial support from qualified and experienced staff. We take the reception at the arrival, preparation, implementation and follow up of your event. Our many years of experience guarantee journalistic coverage by all media so that you get the most possible publicity and visibility.

We provide you the most modern technology in translation machines, computers, lighting, projection and image capture devices, sound systems and screens of all kinds. We also take over the transcript of the work of your event.
We have all the necessary materials you will need for your event. From the simplest (folders, blocks, pen, bags) to exclusive gifts for your guests. Separate gifts and souvenirs, specially designed to your requirements, to make your guest remember you.
We offer you complete services (writing texts, scripts, producing TV spots, media planning) to create promotional spots and corporate videos for the most complete communication and promotion of your event and your company.
  • Convention Halls

  • Organization & Decoration

  • Printed Materials & Business Gifts

  • Hotels, Tickets & Transportation

  • Secretarial support

  • Audiovisual Coverage & Interpretation

  • Convention Halls

    As soon as you entrust the organization of your convention to us, we book the most appropriate, safe and up-to-date convention venue for you both in Greece and abroad that will accommodate the number of participants you have selected for your convention or for any other event (such as Events on the Road, Outdoor Parties, Concerts, Theater Events, Promotions, Orchestras) that will create a special atmosphere in the city, in and around the your event, so that it will be a MAJOR EVENT!

  • Organization & Decoration of Halls

    Our principle is to suggest spaces we have first checked and provide all comforts. We always select air-conditioned rooms with a proper space allocation so that the layout you choose (School or Theatrical) is properly combined with lighting and sound coverage. The organization of the hall is completed with its proper decoration. We design, construct and place a full scene (banners, lights, audiovisual equipment, monitors) aiming to the successful promotion of both the Company and the sponsors of your Event.

  • Design of Printed Materials & Business Gifts for Participants

    We design and prepare the Informative and Printed Material (convention sign, invitations, program, folders, posters, etc.), inform your guests and prepare Business Gifts for the Participants.We also have all the necessary materials you will need for your conference or event, from the simplest to the very high quality such as blocks, pens, bags, folders etc, as well as exclusive gifts that will please your guests. The Business Gift Division provides a complete range of gifts, carefully selected by our Design Department.


  • Hotel Reservation, Ticket Issue & Transport of Participants

    We choose the hotel that will provide you with a comfortable stay, undertake bookings of rooms and ticket issuance, as well as the transport of Participants. The Travel & Tourism Department provides comprehensive services throughout the tourism industry specializing in Business Travel. It supports the transport to and stay of Participants from every spot of Greece or the world at the location where the Convention in question takes place.

  • Secretarial Support

    We have experienced and trusted staff for the secretarial support that begins before and offers services throughout the Convention. We take the reception at the arrival, preparation, implementation and follow up of your event, which is a prerequisite for a successful event. The key to the success of each Congress is publicity. An important event such as yours must be displayed correctly and covered by JOURNALISTS from all media so as to receive the maximum possible publicity and visibility. This is guaranteed by our company’s many years of experience.

  • Audiovisual Coverage & Interpretation

    A key component for the appropriate and successful presentation of corporate content at each convention or event is qualitative audiovisual coverage and interpretation. For this reason, the team of Congress Line Exclusive Travel & Tourism Services has closely monitored developments in technology and constantly acquires all the know-how in the field of audiovisual media in order to provide you with state-of-the-art equipment and services.

    We provide stylish projection (screens / projectors, etc) and video / audio systems (video / editing / microphones / consoles etc.) that will create attractive videos for your company; we provide computers, lighting, a fully equipped translation system with professionals that support the Convention or Event; we undertake the transcript of works that take place for the codification of your minutes and decisions and are handed over by Congress Line Exclusive Travel & Tourism Services at any form you wish (photocopies, printed offset, digital format, etc.).

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