e can organize outdoor events, parties, concerts, theatrical shows, promotions, adding something special to your event. We guarantee that these unique moments will remain unforgettable to everyone.

In today’s business reality the image of your company is as important as the quality of the products and services it offers. Our goal is to capture modern and effective ideas that are transformed into well-organized events that meet your high-level requirements and needs.


At Congress Line Exclusive Travel & Tourism Services we have many years of experience in organizing corporate events. We make every small or big event of yours exceptional, by creating the appropriate atmosphere in the most ideal and dreamy environment, whether you want to organize it in Athens or elsewhere in Greece.

We are next to you to combine work with fun and share pleasant moments with your colleagues and guests, aiming to the increase of your business sales, development of even closer ties with your employees, rewarding them or celebrating with them the success of your company.

All these may be realized with our specialized services, such as the preparation and decoration of the venue, the design of communication material, audiovisual coverage, transport, entertainment or memorabilia, as we guarantee the smooth running of each corporate event / presentation / event / happening.


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