Luxury Tourism & VIP Services

Luxury Tourism & VIP Services

Welcome to the unique world of Luxury Travel and VIP Services of Congress Line


f luxury is a way of expression for you every moment of the day, the world of VIP Travel and Services of Congress Line Exclusive Travel & Tourism Services will satisfy your sophisticated needs, offering a unique travel experience beyond any expectation.

Our goal is to fully meet your personal and professional needs, as well as your optimum support, either for your personal family moments or absolute privacy and confidentiality at conferences or during your business meetings.


Our experienced and qualified staff, as well as our carefully selected network of partners, offers you high quality services.

Below you can take a small taste of these privileged services:

  • Accommodation in luxury hotels and SPA Resorts
  • Luxury villa rentals
  • Excursions to special and exquisite places
  • High level events
  • Security, escort, personal guide
  • Services for the disabled
  • Meals and dinners in Luxury Restaurants
  • Entertainment at selected Entertainment Centers
  • Shopping at branded stores
  • Personal secretarial support services
  • Personnel Interpreter / Translator Services
  • Personal Guided Tours
  • Luxury cars and boats
  • Private Airplanes / Helicopters

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