Wedding & Honeymoon

Wedding & Honeymoon


o you said the Big Yes, you set the date, you found your best man and you are now ready to go to church and make a new beginning in your life.

Tell us how you dream of the wedding ceremony and the reception that follows, the environment and place you would like it to be held and which style fits your personality (romantic, minimal, etc.); we will look after their successful organization from scratch relieving you of any stress.

Reception Hall

At Congress Line Exclusive Travel & Tourism Services, we are next to you in this fabulous event of your life to save time and money and live it to the fullest.

We choose sophisticated spaces, which stand out for their elegance, set the brightest and most impressive scene emphasizing even on the smallest detail.

Design & Creation of Invitation Cards


We design and print the invitations with the theme you wish by capturing your own ideas and suggestions in the most original way. Select the kind of paper, colors, size and even a commemorative gift to accompany it. Let us realize it and focus on the ceremony.

Photographic coverage & video recording


We undertake photographic coverage and video recording in innovative ways that immortalize your joy and happiness!

We continuously renew and enrich audio-visual equipment, so that when it’s in the hands of our experienced and skilled associates, we can meet all your requirements.



Through our personal relationship with you and through our collaboration with leading partners around the world, we guarantee the excellent planning of your wedding travel, which will become a memory that will follow you throughout your life. Leave your imagination free and describe how you would like to spend these days of absolute happiness.

A background of idyllic landscapes and impressive tropical resorts like the Maldives and Phuket, cruising in the deep blue of the Aegean Sea or relaxing in the most beautiful states of America with gourmet restaurants, such as New York, Miami and Los Angeles? Whatever your choose, we will listen to your needs, discuss with you the activities you want to do these days, and offer you the ideal travel experience!

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