Ticket Issuance

Ticket Issuance

Air Tickets


elaxation and leisure trips or business trips start from the moment you receive your ticket and board the plane. In order to make this experience enjoyable Congress Line Exclusive Travel & Tourism Services works with internationally renowned and trusted travel agents for the best prices making your trip unforgettable.


At the same time we help you issue a mileage card, which we monitor, so you do not miss the miles you collect.

Through the award-winning Miles service you earn various services and discounts on air tickets, hotels, car rentals and more that make sure your trip is more interesting and unique.

Fly with us to popular and of unparalleled beauty destinations in Greece, such as charming Athens, romantic Thessaloniki, majestic Crete, medieval Rhodes, multi-dimensional Paros, cosmopolitan Mykonos, the Ionian Islands, Peloponnese.

We take you to cosmopolitan places like Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Istanbul, Rome, New York or London, even in exotic destinations with coral reefs and green rice paddies such as Bali or remote paradises, where all the contrasts of Earth, like lunar Iceland in North Europe, are gathered.

We also offer special prices and continuous services on organized Business Trips either for companies or clubs and organizations.

All airports serve your immediate arrival to your final destination to enjoy a comfortable and unforgettable trip.

Ferry Tickets

The Greek islands reveal to your eyes a unique mosaic of landscapes that invites you to discover it with every opportunity. Our team ensures your journey to and from them, even when it comes to the most remote islands of our country, through hundreds of boat trips.

We find you the cheapest fare for the destination you have chosen and we make sure that the cruise services are always of a high standard for a safe, comfortable and pleasant trip.

Hotels - Accommodation

Our company’s strategy is “quality over quantity”, so we are working closely with an excellent network of luxury hotel units and family guesthouses so that your stay will meet all your requirements. We analyze your preferences and needs in detail and we are researching the market to achieve the best value for money in the modern, well-equipped accommodation facilities, located at key points and giving you the opportunity to combine your activities.

For both individual travelers and families, we find hotels and hostels that score high on their excellent hospitality, perfect location near shopping streets, cleanliness and the fact that they have wellness and entertainment centers through all seasons.

At Congress Line Exclusive Travel & Tourism Services we focus on being best in class in the services we offer for business travelers, by choosing accommodation with venues for events, relaxation centers and easy access to exhibition centers.

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